The future of retail through lockdown and how technology is changing the industry

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Due to the current pandemic and the subsequent lockdown there has been a clear increase to online shopping which has then seen a huge drop in shop footfall and a huge spike in online shopping.

With the restrictions at different levels in all areas of the UK the high street is and will continue to go through a major transformation resulting in visits to a bricks and mortar store being much more experiential.

Technology will play a big role in bridging the gap between online and bricks and mortar with new technology and initiatives being created and developed.  There will definitely be some amazing developments.

The high street will evolve with the increase of pop up shops, helping brand awareness, as well as the increase of live digital media e.g. streaming of fashion shows as well as collection launches (just like our very own Association Mannequins launch).

The age of generic store layouts and clothing will adapt more to their location, becoming more individualised and interactive with the advent of more creative and interactive

in-store merchandising and developments such as interactive windows also becoming popular.

A big shift in the integration between online and in-store will also come into play with increased facilities enabling the customer to browse and order online (either through mobile or in store terminals) while in the store.

Virtual and Augmented Reality is yet another important development that we will see an increase in and we will see this being much more common in the retail environment, this will include new season stock, 360 views of garments and colour variations, this virtual experience will become an integral part of the retail experience. 

The retail sector is evolving to survive in these unprecedented times, the creativity and passion from people within the industry will shine through and new technology is being developed at an ever increasing rate.