Designing a mannequin collection with Danny Letton

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To initiate the start of the design process I sit back and think where the collection would eventually end up being shown. After this I start thinking about the body language, poses and the story they will convey.

My research will always have me travelling and looking at people around me, which usually ends up inspiring me in some way, whether that be in how they are standing, sitting or interacting with others. Occasionally I find a face amongst a crowd that has that certain ‘something’ which the collection is looking for.

The next stage is to start pulling many images together of faces, hair, make up and poses for the collection, editing these over time until I have the finalised details of how it should all look. I then have a fully formed design document with images and descriptions for the team to work from.

Having finalised the number of poses and how many models will appear as the cast,
I then work closely with the sculptor and go through the range discussing any issues we may see. This is always an important part of the process to make sure we are on the same page, also agreeing on what fittings will be used to keep parts secure on the mannequins.

While the collection begins taking shape in the studio, I think about what clothing and how to style them for the shoot and call pieces in from designers and other fashion contacts.

Towards the end of the process meetings are held with the hair and makeup team to discuss which clothes the mannequins will be wearing.